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How to start taking tests

Once you have purchased a BOFAmaths subscription, you'll have immediate access to the online platform. All tests available for you to take will be visible under the My Tests tab on the menu bar. 

You'll see tests that are available for you to take now, as well as tests that are yet to become available. This is all part of our adaptive testing approach. You'll see dates of when your upcoming tests will be available, and also dates of any overdue tests. We recommend you take the tests when scheduled to optimise the BOFA process and ensuring you get the best possible results.

Make sure you've chosen the correct exam board for your exam and entered your target grade as assigned to you by your school. If you need to change these details for any reason, you can do so on the My Profile page.

We recommend you try one of our free demo tests before you take your first allocated test. This is so you can familiarise yourself with the structure and approach, without it affecting your results or data. Demo tests are available under the Demos tab on the menu bar.