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BOFAclassroom is a safe remote-learning tool, designed to
ensure teaching continues outside of the classroom

Unlike other distance-learning tools, BOFAclassroom is 100% GDPR and safeguarding compliant, built with schools and educators in mind. Our features ensure staff can deliver engaging lessons, wherever they are, safe in the knowledge both pupils and teachers are protected.

With BOFAclassroom teachers can ...

  • Start a live lesson to teach pupils in real time. Invite pupils via a class list to notify them a lesson is starting. Record live lessons for pupils to revisit later.
  • Pre-record lessons to suit a teacher’s schedule and choose when pupils can get access.
  • Enrich lessons by uploading powerpoints and video, draw and annotate with the whiteboard, and ask questions with the polling feature.
  • Plan lessons on the timetable. Invited pupils will be notified when they have a lesson starting and are able to view planned lessons on their timetable.
  • Set homework after any lesson. Completed homework tasks can be found in a teacher’s pigeonhole. Log results in the Markbook and send feedback to a pupil’s school bag.
  • The class report allows teachers to view their register and check pupil engagement with lessons.

User-friendly for pupils

Pupils can check their school bag for homework feedback and messages from teachers.

Pupils can view their timetable to see planned lessons and filter by subject.

Revisit past lessons with the lesson bank. Live lessons recorded by the teacher sit here.

Complies with GDPR and Safeguarding Regulations

Most conferencing tools and online teaching platforms do not comply with GDPR, making them difficult for schools to use safely. BOFAclassroom has been carefully created to fully comply with GDPR and safeguarding regulations.
  • All information is stored securely, complicit with GDPR
  • All teaching sessions and messages are recorded and saved for the protection of staff and students.
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